We are accustomed to the fact that you need to watch a colorful and high-quality video on YouTube, because people there just have professional cameras and a lot of chips, but as it turned out, many fans of exhibiting their travels on the Internet are increasingly using «360 AND VR SHOOTING«. We want to note right away that even the cheapest equipment in this category can “bite” quite financially, but let’s talk about everything in order.

Share your impressions

When we want to capture something, we used to use cameras, now many people prefer to use smartphones, and «advanced» people are more fond of action cameras. As they say, both have their positive and negative sides, but here it is worth noting that in order to convey the whole world around you will have to resort to a more advanced version. It is worth noting that people who want to convey all the information around really buy cameras that allow you to transmit information 360 degrees around, we just want to note that this is quite interesting and exciting, especially since many bloggers are gradually switching to such cameras, because they allow you to show not only focus, but everything around, and it logically comes out. After all, this type of broadcasting allows viewers to feel quite actively at the place of reporting.

Possible difficulties

As we already said, there is only one thing in using this video option and that is its cost, as much as we would not like, but even the simplest camera for this mode is a very expensive pleasure. So, in addition to the equipment itself, you also need to buy software. After all, specialized software will make it difficult for you to connect all the videos. To be honest, without using the «native» software you are unlikely to succeed, but to be honest, such a broadcast will be quite interesting, especially if you are planning to visit some unique place. But before you start looking for equipment, since you liked the idea of ​​creating multidimensional videos, first see what the experts from YouTube can advise you. As we said, this is a fairly new innovation, therefore it is necessary to develop carefully and slowly and it is best to start with a variant that has already shown its results. We hope that this option will be of interest to you, because now it is quite unique and creative.

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