Artificial cheating of viewers on the broadcast

cheat viewers

The main problem of any novice game streamer is the lack of viewers on broadcasts. It is impossible to do anything with this using the tools of the platform on which the work is being carried out, since such functionality is simply not provided. The situation is sometimes saved by social networks, where you can pre-place advertising posts, as well as banal spam. However, there is another way, which is usually not accepted to talk about in broad circles. We are talking about artificial imitation of activity.

The service is provided as cheat viewers by third-party promotion services. Customers choose one of the tariff plans, transfer the payment, and after some time, observe the effect on their stream. The most important thing here is not that the counter of active viewers shows a pleasant figure, but how the algorithms of streaming platforms react to it. Viewed broadcasts move faster in the TOP category with the game and almost always fall into the recommended, especially if along with the audience to wind up a few likes and dislikes.

Today, this technique is often used not only by novice video bloggers, but also by well-known reputable streamers. For them, this is almost the only opportunity to compete with their successful colleagues in the days of peak viewing figures-weekends, holidays, release dates of new games and equipment. However, there are not tens or even hundreds of viewers, but many thousands. The fact that Youtube and Twitch do not respond to this in any way suggests that the technologies used are poorly identifiable. or it is simply not possible to establish the malicious intent of the channel owner.

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