Bitcoin Exchange in Kiev and Your Choices there

Nowadays everyone hears speak in bitcoin, but do you really know what that coin is? That if it really can be called currency. Basically, we can understand bitcoin as an electronic version of the money that can be sent directly to another person without the presence of a financial institution to broker it.

Bitcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency created in 2009 by unknown authors operating under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Its existence is based on extremely advanced cryptography and P2P (peer-to-peer) exchange networks, i.e. without intermediaries. Bitcoins can be used to fund various electronic transactions in a simple, fast and quite secure way.

The use of Bitcoins in Kiev

In principle, anyone who has a computer can extract Bitcoins in Kiev. A clear inspiration for the creators of this currency was gold — the way it was obtained and functions in the economy. In the simplest terms, Bitcoin can be obtained by providing the computing power of your computer. The system of creating cryptocurrencies acts as a specific perpetuum mobile — the work of «miners» PCs is needed to carry out Bitcoin transactions on the network. However, there is a catch, because for the average person the chances of getting one, worth almost one thousand dollars worth of coin, are small. Here, you need great computing power, obtained with the help of entire farms of powerful servers. In you can have the smartest option for Bitcoin Exchange in Kiev.

Bitcoin — advantages and disadvantages


The most important advantage of cryptocurrencies is the convenience of its use. As it has been said before, Bitcoins are not processed during the transaction by any intermediaries. With international trade based on traditional money, considerable costs are generated by currency conversion. In addition, the transferred Bitcoins get instant on the target account — regardless of the countries from which participants participate in the transaction. Operating cryptocurrency is extremely secure, much more reliable than transfers using classic cash accounts. Despite this, there were reports of theft or loss of Bitcoins, however, this is not a scale comparable to the daily burglaries of traditional bank accounts.

Bitcoin has a defense mechanism against inflation — its resources will only increase to the limit of 21 million. It will take a few good years to reach this barrier, as currently there is slightly more than half of the assumed sum in circulation. Impossible are occurring situations of «printing» money, known after all, from the modern practice of states.

Bitcoin in e-commerce

At the end of the article, it is worth saying a few words about how you can use bitcoin transactions in e-commerce. The first step is to create a wallet, which is necessary to collect them — you can do it using a website or application. Another thing is to put a Bitcoin micropayment module on the e-store website.So far, many such services have been created that are very similar to solutions known for a long time, such as PayPal. The most known are BitPay, BIPS and BTC Merch. These services differ from each other primarily using technologies that allow effective implementation of them on the e-business website. In addition, there are differences in the fees charged for each transaction. It seems that putting on Bitcoin payments in e-commerce is a bold, and at the same time risky move. A good decision is to wait for the development of events — cryptocurrency has many weaknesses that cannot be underestimated.

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