HEETS AMBER — a completely new sensation of taste

Various technical innovations appear. Progress does not stand still, practically, in all areas of our life, including tobacco consumption IQOS is a tobacco heating system developed by Philip Morris International, which produces many popular cigarette brands such as Marlboro, Parliament, Bond, and others.

The essence of IQOS is that the tobacco in a special device heats up to a temperature of 300-350 degrees, and does not burn, as in ordinary cigarettes. Such a method will prevent the formation of harmful substances, which makes tobacco consumption through IQOS 90% safer than with regular smoking.

IQOS heatsticks are the very heart of this device. They are special small cigarettes, the tobacco block of which is really very small and does not take more than a centimeter. You can compare the sizes of a stick and an ordinary cigarette. There are basic known types of IQOS heatsticks:

  • Amber Label (orange);
  • Turquoise Menthol (green);
  • Yellow Label (yellow);
  • Purple Label (Violet), characterized by taste and strength.

The refreshing notes of various additives will allow you enjoying freshness and feel a pleasant aftertaste. And most importantly, they are pleasant and convenient to use.
HEETS AMBER are the wide spread representative of this line of taste and the strongest sticks in the sphere. This is an excellent choice for those who switch to the IQOS device and before that smoked strong cigarettes. By smell, after heating, they are a mixture of corn and tobacco.

HEETS AMBER have a convenient shape and the usual packaging for smokers in the form of a standard pack. The special design of the sticks allows them to maintain their original appearance after use, they do not crumble like many other sticks. For the manufacture of IQOS sticks, natural tobacco is used, which is crushed into dust and formed into sheets thanks to glycerin. Many smokers choose them during trips or occasions when it often fails to smoke.

The main feature of IQOS heatsticks is a completely new sensation of taste and the absence of burning. Switching to IQOS heatsticks and especially to HEETS AMBER is a bold but sensible decision. Smoking will never be the same!


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