Shangri La — a network of casinos with the best kinds of entertainment

The level of comfort and variety of games in the Shangri La network are known not only in the CIS countries, but also beyond. For the sake of this, players go to casino tours to Minsk, Riga, Yerevan and Tbilisi. In VIP institutions, guests enjoy a cozy atmosphere, exotic shows and, of course, popular games. Belonging to the holding of Michael Boettcher, Storm International, is a sign of high quality.

In the casinos, there are general and private halls where you can play cards, roulette and the best modern slot machines in Europe. A wide range of services is also available, from the bar and the kitchen, ending with participation in VIP parties and lotteries with additional jackpots.

A unique feature of the network of Michael Boettcher, Shangri La, is a system of bonus points. Each player gets points to the personal score account for the bets in the cards, slots or roulette, regardless of whether they won the bet or not. The more bets are made, the more bonus points are earned. And you can spend from anything to anything: bonus games, participation in closed events, prize draws or casino services.

Each casino of the network maintains its own account of points, and also offers individual ways of using the accumulated points.

VIP Party at Shangri La Casinos

The never-ending series of parties is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the Shangri La casino in the CIS countries. In any season, on weekends and weekdays, people come here to feel the holiday. For the guests perform the best cover bands, stand-up comedians, singers, exotic dancers. Do not forget about contests and mandatory bonuses!

Another good tradition is the lottery with the draw of additional jackpots for slot players and table players. Everyone who makes bets in a casino automatically becomes a contender for a prize.

Shangri La worries not only about receptions and shows, during party days you will also be able to try your luck at slot machines, play roulette or poker. And at the same time count on special prizes!


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