The History of Gambling from Antiquity to Our Time

Gambling spirit accompanies a person from the moment of birth, and gambling games accompany humanity from the birth of civilization. Games with the influence of chance change and develop together with mankind.

First gambling

The very first gambling game, which is still popular today, is dice — cubes with marked sides. People were playing dice in Ancient Egypt and Rome, India and China. Even the Bible mentions dice.

Dice have not lost their appeal in 4,000 years. After the fall of Rome, the game spread to Europe, from Europe it came to Russia. In parallel, the inhabitants of the East took a great interest in dice. This game is popular today, people are playing dice in many casinos in the form of games like craps or sic bo. By the way, this is one of the most popular games in Asia.

Playing cards is another ancient attribute that is used in hundreds of games. The first playing cards were used in China in the 7th century. Traveling through India, Persia and Egypt they gradually got to Europe.

The 17th century gave mankind a roulette. We don’t know who exactly invented it, but authorship is attributed to the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal.

The Advent of the Casino

Different establishments where people come to play dice or cards are mentioned in the books about Ancient Greece, Rome and China. But narrowly specialized casinos appeared only in the 17th century. And where! In the church of Moses in Venice to control the players during the spring carnival. After that casinos began to open all over Europe, in the 18th centuryб they moved to America.

Gradually formed a classic set of gambling games:

  • Roulette (there may be a few kinds of it);
  • Cards (poker, blackjack, baccarat and so on);
  • Dice.

The development of technologies enriched the range of games among slot machines. The first mechanical slots appeared in 1887 in England. And the legendary Liberty Bell was born in America in 1905. By the 1990s, mechanical slots were completely replaced by electric ones.

Online Casino Development

Developers of programs for electric gambling slots have guessed to adapt their software to common computers. First, there were offline games in which you could only play for fun. In 1994, Microgaming created the first gaming platform for online gambling. This year was the year of the birth of the online casino.

All popular games have gradually moved to the Internet spaces: roulette in dozens of variations, hundreds of varieties of card games and thousands of slot machines. Best online casinos introduced games with a live dealer, where anyone can play cards, roulette, bingo and Fortune wheel remotely.

Modern slots have become very advanced: they use 3D graphics, special soundtracks and complex scenarios. Since 2014, slots with the possibilities of social games become a separate genre.

The Birth of a Mobile Casino

Casino games for mobile phones appeared just 10 years after the first online casino slot. At first, they were off-line, had low resolution and very few functions. Yet this was enough to capture the players’ attention.

In 2005, the first games with real bets appeared. They were placed on several sites. So there were first mobile casinos. The novelty was unique and a lot of people wanted to play from the phone.

Since the phones have progressed very quickly, modern mobile casinos are not much different from online casinos on desktop devices. They contain the same best online slots for fun, except for the oldest, not adapted for mobile gadgets. They have the same menu items and identical functionality. But menus of mobile casinos and mobile slots are finger-orientated.

In 2017, there were registered 7.5 billion mobile devices, 83% of which are connected to the Internet. 20% of users play gambling! By 2021, the number of gadgets increase to 9 billion, and the number of mobile gamblers up to 30%. That once again confirms that people need to realize their sense of adventure.

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